Half Mystic: An Assorted Amalgam of Updates

Firstly, and most importantly, I am incredibly excited to tell you that we are welcoming a new member into Half Mystic’s little family: Mai Nguyen Do is here as our social media manager! This was another one of those positions where it seemed that we had countless applicants, all very much qualified but none possessing the spark that makes Half Mystic the lovely, powerful thing it is. When Mai applied, it all clicked into place, and I can think of no better person to help us spread musical enchantment across the Internet. Mai is also the social media manager at one of my favourite journals, The Fem, and her first poetry collection is coming soon from Platypus Press. She's absolutely incredible, and I am so very delighted to have her here. Please give her the warmest of welcomes.

Also: HM is now on Instagram! Feel free to drop by and say hello; we are quite new with this whole thing, but hopefully we will be up and running there soonsoonsoon.

In Issue I news, a deadline has officially been announced: Friday, February 5th is the last date to get your entries in. The theme for our inaugural issue is allegro—the skipping pulse, the desperate escape, the dash of fastfastfaster—and we would so love to include any and all interpretations of the theme in the issue. Please do share your gorgeous writing & music with us. We can't wait to see it.

And if you are less the submitting and more the reading type, you can always subscribe to our email newsletter. We rarely send emails, but when we do, you will be the first to know—of announcements, of issues, of blog posts, of updates.

We are all hard at work behind the scenes to bring you a collection of melody brimming over with the kind of enchantment that one is hard-pressed to find. Keep an eye out—it's all happening, and it is happening soon. I am in awe of how fast this journal is growing. And I think I speak for every single one of us on the team when I say that I hope you join us on this journey. It is one with windows down and wind singing through our hair and a damn good mixtape in the stereo.

You should come along for the ride. There is no one we would rather have here.