Half Mystic's Issue I: ALLEGRO. It's here.

Six staff members. Two hundred submissions. Twenty works. A year in the making. And now—

this & this & this.

My fireflies, I do not believe I have the words to express how much love, work, magic that I and the other gorgeous staff members of Half Mystic have poured into creating our first issue. That it is out now—that finally, after all of these months, this creation of music & light is finally in the hands of our incredible readers—feels nearly surreal to me.

Issue I: Allegro is a celebration of the skipping pulse, the desperate escape, the dash of fast—fast—faster. We see it expressed in so many forms in this issue, and I know that, in curating this collection of wonder, my own perception of speed has irrevocably changed. Sprinting anxiety or wild joy, losing or finding, sharpness or softness—all of this comes into play here. Allegro stretches my nerves only as much as it guides me on a path to home. I hope that, perhaps, it might do the same for you.

If you have not yet: here is where you may pick up a copy of your issue. To be honest, it almost astounds me how much our readers have loved this creation with a heartbeat all its own.

Though, perhaps it should not. Perhaps I always should have known how special a journey Half Mystic has brought as all on.

I promise: this is only the beginning. There is so much more to come.

For now, I and the HM team are taking a much-deserved rest. Tending the flowers. Letting the music flow back into our veins.

Soon: submissions for Issue II open, and we will collect so many more voices to sing on HM's pages. (If you would like to be one of them: keep an eye on our blog. It is the first place we announce such lovely happenings.)

But for now, we consort with the racing winds, the endless speed. For now we bathe in the softness of this thing we have created for you, this pulsing, thrumming highway, this ode to the joy of song.

Do not miss Issue I, my loves. It has always been yours.