Happy Birthday, Hachii! (+ Shadows in the Night, Chapter 2)

Hello everyone! Fun fact: today was my dog's birthday. :D Some of you may know Hachiko (more commonly known as Hachii), the Japanese Spitz who waltzed into my family's lives two years ago, plopped his furry butt down, and refused to leave. ;) Most of you have met Hachii, I believe, but for those of you who haven't, here you are...

So while I was going to edit Frozen Hearts today (honestly! I was!), I unfortunately did not get a chance to do so, due to the phenomenon of my sister dragging my family into the kitchen to open Hachii's gifts (a chew toy and a bag of treats), and eat cake. Well, not exactly - it was more of us standing around watching him gobbling down a precarious stack of treats held together with peanut butter, again courtesy of my fanatical little sister, while we stood around awkwardly singing 'happy birthday'.

Hey, it was fun. Slightly ridiculous, but fun. ;)

So while I did not edit FH, I did post chapter 2 of Shadows in the Night, the Sherlock fanfiction I'm writing. I wasn't sure if I wanted to continue it, but after the lovely comments people posted on the first chapter I decided to just do it (Nike would be proud!). I think this is going to be one of those things-you-write-when-you-have-zero-inspiration-to-do-anything-else-and-writer's-block-feels-like-an-actual-disease. So yes, if you want to have a read... it's right here. :D

Tomorrow I'll do some editing on FH, though! I promise!

love, Topaz