Hello from LA!

Hi everyone! Surprise, surprise... no longer am I in Palo Alto, but instead the lovely land of Los Angeles! (It appears my dad decided out of the blue that one location in California wasn't enough, so after this we're driving over to San Diego as well. I don't even KNOW, y'all.) But I must say, I do prefer LA over Palo Alto, simply because it's startlingly similar to, well, New York. Wasn't really expecting that, but I'm not exactly complaining about it... I love, love, love it here. :D

Unfortunately, there's bad news too... from here until I leave for home (most likely on Sunday, but knowing my dad that may or may not be changed), my Internet access is going to be spotty at best. I'm actually writing this post from my phone in Starbucks, since the Wifi at our hotel is ridiculously expensive. :P So I'm not entirely sure I'll be able to post on Friday - sorry about that, lovelies! I will most certainly do my best to update you all before we leave, but checking emails and replying to comments/Twitter messages/etc. will wait until I'm back in Singapore.

Hope everyone's doing well! Talk to you soon! xx

love, Topaz