Heyyyy, we're at 600!

Hey guys! Well, it's our last day in New York! Our time here has basically flown by - seriously, I've had SO much fun. New York is one of my new favourite places ever. ;) After my last post we got to go see Wicked, which I'd already seen once before in Singapore, but I can definitely say that it was even better on Broadway. :D And we also stopped by some colleges and did a couple of tours - since we hardly ever come to the US, it was good to take that opportunity. New York is so different from Singapore (can somebody who's American please tell me: WHERE is the logic in having all green money?! Seriously, you can't FIND any of the bills! :P ), and it's been lovely exploring all that it has to offer, but I'm quite excited to go to Washington DC and, eventually, California. My housing arrangement info has come in for Stanford as well, so that's great!

Perhaps the one complaint I do have about NYC, though: in the entire time I've been here, I've had... maybe an hour and a half to write, total. IT'S NOT ENOUGH I TELL YOU. I haven't written this little in basically as long as I can remember, and it's kind of driving me insane. :P It feels like Frozen Hearts is following me everywhere - I need to work on it! It's ridiculously frustrating! Thank goodness for my notebooks, though - I've had quite a few ideas for stories, poetry, and songs, so I have been writing those down. ;) And on a plus note, I finally thought of a title that I'm happy with for one of my WIPs (not the sequel to FH, but a different one) - as we all know, I'm horrible at titles, so this is a major victory. :D

ALSO! The blog hit 600 followers! This post is probably way too late (I haven't actually been checking my stats at all since I left Singapore), but regardless, I'm as excited and humbled as ever to hit this amazing milestone. :D To all those of you who've found my ramblings to be worthy of reading: thank you. Thank you. THANK YOU. You guys are the best friends I could ever hope to have and I'm so grateful to each and every one of you - whether you're a more silent reader or someone who comments on every post, you have all made this experience wonderful. I love you all to the moon and back! <3

love, Topaz