Homecoming (plus, a new fanfic!)

At last, I'm home once more! I actually got back to Singapore two days ago, but on Tuesday I was too jetlagged to even think about writing a post and yesterday was my sister's birthday so I was just spending time with her and the rest of the family all day (that was a lot of fun!). Regardless, I'm so happy to say that I'm back on a regular posting schedule - that is, I'll be posting every weekday from here on out. I had such a wonderful time in New York, Washington, and California - but I must say, there's nothing quite like the feeling of sleeping in one's own bed after two months away. Today was a writing day - I spent the entire day at the library editing Frozen Hearts and writing in general, and it was lovely! (Unfortunately, I'm getting to that point in the editing process where I'm just like WHY CAN'T THIS BE OVER ALREADY. *sigh*) But interspersing it with other little projects was fun, so that's a plus!

One of said little projects was a prompt I found on Tumblr for a Sherlock ficlet, and I basically just thought "what the heck, may as well" and wrote it. (I do that sometimes. :P) Don't forget to check it out right here on AO3. I know not all of you watch BBC Sherlock, so this part of the first episode may help explain one of the later scenes in the fanfic (many thanks to Ariane for her lovely transcript!).

Looking forward to sharing Friday Poetry with you all tomorrow! xx