A City with a Mind of its Own

Skyline Friends, I am back from Hong Kong - bearing photographs, because I have taken the liberty of breaking out the camera once more. (I must concede that this decision had somewhat dubious results, but oh well, I suppose I should probably commit to it now.)

Hotel Laughter

Much hotel-based laughter, especially with my mother & sister. We usually don't spend much time lounging around on holiday, but this was an altogether very relaxed trip.


Normally I am not one to take photographs of food - I'm really more the "eat to live" type, with the notable exception of cheesecake - but this pizza was obscenely delicious. I thought it deserved to be immortalised.

Dancing Girl 1

& oh, look - I've made a friend!

Dancing Girl 2

A dancing friend, no less. How lovely.

(It seems easy to make friends in this city. Everywhere one looks there is something happening. Some might call it overcrowding, but I find it rather inspiring. Inspiring enough, at least, that I should break out the camera, which says something in itself.)


Other notable events include the award ceremony, of course - which, if I am being totally honest, was quite standard as award ceremonies go. Many speeches, photographs, a pretty certificate, & so forth. One can fill in the blanks. (Please excuse me if I sound a bit flippant about this; it was three hours long & I think we were all half-delirious by the end, so there is that.)

Also: meeting & chatting with the infinitely wonderful Alyssa of The Devil Orders Takeout, who I did not think could get any better in person than she already is online. This hypothesis was shattered within the first ten minutes of conversation, during which she talked about literature, politics, writing, & the goodness of chocolate in quick succession. In short: she is beyond incredible. To put it mildly.

& so this is Hong Kong: a city saturated with skyscrapers, humanity leaking out of the edges. It is, I must say, a far cry from the rolling hills & glaciers of New Zealand - but still, there's something jaggedly gorgeous about the stubbornness of it.

I think it's a city with a mind of its own.