"Two sides of sky is still the same sky." (Little Horoscopes for December)

I apologise for the lateness of December horoscopes, friends. The holiday season this year has been a busy one & I've not had much time to slip away & write, so these lines have been penned in the whispers between exam studying & gift wrapping & college decisions & soaring anxiety. I hope you find some warmth in them. As you'll recall, these are the last little horoscopes I'm sharing with you. It has been two & a half utterly incredible years of this series, & ending it is such a soft-sharp tight-throated thing; I am endlessly excited for the creations that are coming in its place, yet it's still so difficult to let it go. In case you are in the mood for a dance down memory lane, here is where you can find all of the little horoscopes. Enjoy—past horoscopes & the ones below alike. In the comments, I'd love to hear your thoughts on this last set of horoscopes, or on the series as a whole... especially your favourite line out of the whole series, or if there was a single month that particularly resonated with you.

Sending love always. Thank you so much for staying alongside me & the words & the stars. xx


Little Horoscopes for December

Sagittarius, you cannot always be the versions of yourself in your poetry.
Taurus, they are always thinking of you.
Leo, love is still real when you’re not in the centre of it.
Aries, you are at your best with nothing left unsaid.
Cancer, if there’s anyone who can find a way to shine without burning, it’s you.
Gemini, you are someone your younger self is proud of.
Capricorn, you can’t unswallow your ghosts, but you can remain quiet enough to listen.
Pisces, breathe into the ache.
Aquarius, your existence is miraculous.
Libra, there are so many creatures in your chest ready to be dreamt back to life.
Virgo, two sides of sky is still the same sky.
Scorpio, you are here.