Hug an Artist Today

Hey guys!

Okay, so I honestly don't know why I have the sudden urge to write this post, but I just want to say: I AM SO IN AWE OF ARTISTS. You guys seriously have no idea. I mean, you know I usually refer to "art" on this blog as writing and music since that's the kind of art that I generally deal in, but today I just really want to talk about visual art.

So today I was talking to my friend who happens to be incredibly good at sketching, and he did a drawing of Rosalyn from Frozen Hearts (also, can I just say: if you have done any work at all related to FH, whether that's art or music or writing or whatever, please please tell me! It makes me so happy to receive all of this beautiful work from you guys!). And of course, you know that I know how to tell a story through writing and music. That's something I've learned how to do time and time again, whether it's through the characters or the setting or just the words - I know how to convey a message through those mediums.

But it seems so much more difficult to tell a story through visual means, and I don't think I appreciate that enough - the amount of thought that goes behind everything, from the lighting to the angle to the details in the subjects' faces. There's such a huge difference between writing/music and art, because in the former a lot of the work-in-progress material is retained in the final draft, but in the latter it's all covered up. It's so easy to take one glance at a piece of art and move on, and you never really see the subtleties hidden inside it.

So how about we all hug an artist today? I am 100% serious about this, you guys - they are so under-appreciated and they have such incredible talent. Go tell an artist that they're awesome and maybe bake them cookies or something! They deserve all the love in the world. :D

love, Topaz