I'm Going to Cebu!

Hello, lovelies! I am writing this post at about 1 in the morning on Friday - which, by the way, spells death wish for me, because I have to wake up at 4:30 tomorrow (today?) - but by the time you read this I will be in Cebu! I have mentioned this once or twice, but for those of you not in the know: now that I am in high school we have this lovely trip once a year for about a week. There are so many different options, but for my first year I chose to go to Cebu, a small island in the Philippines, with the Wish for Kids foundation. My group and I will be handing out care packages with toys, books, clothes, stationary, balls for sports, and other such things - but that is only for one day.

For the majority of the time we will be teaching the kids; we are their guest teachers, and we've divided into groups, written lesson plans, and compiled the resources and materials that we will need to work with them. I'm going to be teaching them English (mostly the younger grades, 1st through 4th) - certainly no surprise there, I hope. ;)

I am also bringing my guitar - apparently there are quite a few kids who would like to learn how to play, and so that is what I'll be doing in my downtime. And of course, I've loaded up my Kindle and brought a few physical books along. We will be staying on a beach, and it looks gorgeous from the pictures - it appears that we will be getting in some R&R, which is always so good.

However: the island does not have internet access, and so I will be taking a break from blogging, social media, emails, and all things online for the next week. I will be coming back next Thursday, but I probably won't do Friday Poetry for that week, mostly because I will be exhausted. (Also, I likely won't have written any poetry, so it is slightly a moot point. ;))

Stay lovely, everyone - I'll see you all in a week! x