Preorders are Open for Half Mystic's Issue III: Nocturne

Something sharp & true shifts within us when we embrace darkness instead of shying away from it. This is what I am learning in serving as an editor & curator for the third issue of my baby literary journal, Half Mystic. As the stormclouds thicken & the world around us grows ever darker, we lean into music only to find that it too holds its own brand of night – & I am realising in curing this issue spun from shadow & song that that is perhaps not such a bad thing. Friends, I am so pleased to tell you that preorders for the Issue III of Half Mystic, centred around the theme nocturne, are open now. Nocturne embodies the midnight drive – the shadow dance – the things leftover when the music fades to black. It is defined as a composition inspired by or evocative of the night.

Half Mystic’s third issue is our best one yet, carrying pieces from writers like Maryse Meijer, Kristen Berger, & Sophia Terazawa, musicians like Erica Bramham, Emily Blue, & Lisa Heller, & a very special featured artist whose work we are enormously excited to unveil. This creation will be shipped to your doorstep on June 14th, 2017—a beautiful companion to dream with on sweet-sticky summer nights ahead.

Interested in seeing your words or music featured in Issue III? We are still open for submissions until May 28th, 2017. I've gotten some questions from you lovelies about how to work with me beyond my editing services, & this is a beautiful way to do so. Send us your best work; we welcome it with open arms.

In the immortal words of Leonard Cohen: there is a crack in everything / that’s how the light gets in. I hope you will join me & the whole HM team in this third issue as we find shades of light peeking through the cracks even as darkness presses deeper all around us.

Submit your writing & music to Issue III: Nocturne. Preorder the issue right here & receive a gorgeous volume of art, lyrics, & writing that stretches out through darkness, plucks the strings of night, burns stars into being even in all this black.

The nocturne issue is shaping up to be rich, abrupt, & unlike any of Half Mystic’s previous issues. We could not be more honoured to share it with you... & I cannot wait for you to hold it in your hands soon, soon, soon. xx