Applause, please!

Hi lovelies! *crouches in a corner hiding from the mob of torch-bearing readers* I'm so sorry I went MIA on you for the past couple of days! I kept meaning to post, but life just kind of got in the way. Sorry, everyone...

HOWEVER! I do have some moderately amazing news that may or may not make up for my lack of posting finesse. Wanna hear it? :D Drumroll, please....


Yep, you read that right - after seven months of exhausting my cheesecake tolerance, battling the monster that is writer's block, staying up till all hours of the night and consequently falling asleep in class, and other hardships, I can finally cross "finish a novel" off my bucket list. At 40,000 words this baby is done at last... applause, please! ;)

No, but seriously, I'm so excited and I've actually loved every second of writing this thing. :D I fully realize it's nowhere near polished and in some parts is probably terrible beyond imagining, but for now I'm taking a bit of a break. I've closed the document, and sometime next week I'll be going back to it with fresh eyes and starting the revising/editing/etc. process. This has been one of my biggest goals for the longest time and I'm incredibly happy it's done so that I get to start perfecting it! <3

love, Topaz