L is for Long Haul

Hi all! The fated day arrived at last: yesterday, April 13th, was the deadline for beta reader comments! It's been a very, very long haul - I sent out the Frozen Hearts manuscript in the beginning of February, and it's now mid-April (that is, a month and a half after I had hoped to receive feedback). Nevertheless, I'm pretty relieved that this stage of the process is over. It's been downright nerve-racking sharing this book with people - and while the overall feedback has been quite positive, I kind of prefer working on it by myself rather than with others!

I have to say I'm kind of disappointed with the feedback. :/ The advice that I received was very helpful (and most of it has been implemented already), but out of the seven beta readers, just three finished the entire manuscript. Two finished only partway, and two didn't even start. So I'm not sure if that's my fault for choosing the wrong betas, or if this is a normal occurrence, or what... :P Ah, well - it's all trial-and-error, so next time I'll probably choose beta readers who can commit to finishing the entire thing on time! ;)

So what's next? Well, now, I believe, is the final editing process (we're getting so close to the end I can almost taste it!). I'm going to try and finish implementing beta comments by May 1st - so that includes not only their specific feedback, but also the questions that I found myself asking based on their ideas. Plus I have like eight pamphlets/books/magazine articles/podcasts/other writing-related resources that I've downloaded or bought, but never really got around to using - those, I'm going to take a look at and see what I can apply to the book. And finally, I'll be going through my notebook and finding any and all FH-related notes I've made, just to see if they can make it better in any way.

We have a long weekend for Easter - Friday off school! Yay! - so I'll probably be doing a full-on writing weekend - no studying, no music, just editing and writing. I haven't done of those in awhile, so it should be lovely (and very productive!).

Hope you all had an amazing weekend. xx

love, Topaz