Hello, my lovelies! I'm so excited to share that I just wrote the climax of Frozen Hearts - I honestly can't believe I actually made it this far, oh my goodness. The ending feels so very close! It's very late here, so I'm just going to share another poem I wrote a while back, called "Magic".

This was actually the first poem I had written after a few months of not writing poetry at all, so my skills were a little rusty. As always, do let me know your thoughts and opinions - constructive criticism is welcome!



on the first day you took me there magical, you promised me it would be magical and even then you were never one to break a promise

it was a place where the birds danced and the ocean sang and the wind whispered into our young and innocent hearts

it was a place where true loves were born and stars were wished upon where impossible dreams floated just above our reach

and it was a place where hearts were shattered and partings were made where I learned the hard way what it meant to be broken

so long ago since I was there all alone now with no one to dance and sing by my side

but the tide rolls in and the tide rolls out and the beach is wiped clean a new canvas for the magic to begin again