Me Me Me Monday (10)

Hi lovelies! Well, it's most definitely a Monday. My entire school was basically sleep-walking through the day today, and I was no exception: I'm absolutely exhausted. :P I can't wait for Friday already! Unfortunately, I had a busy weekend and wasn't able to work on FH that much. :( I did squeeze in an hour on Friday, but Saturday and Sunday were only for about 15 minutes, so that was disappointing. Hopefully there'll be more time this week to work...

I did have a good weekend, though. Went to a local animal shelter and volunteered there for a couple of hours on Saturday, and it was so much fun hanging out with the dogs - seriously, animals are so much better than people. :D It turns out that this particular shelter also has a barn attached - and not exactly a conventional barn, either. Think every single random stray animal you've ever heard of: a horse, a goose family, multiple rabbits, a stork, two peacocks, quite a few chickadees, a random, spectacularly stupid bird with a red head (I don't even know where that one came from...), and there are also rumours of a mole - so that was somewhat entertaining to see. ;)

I also watched Carousel, the 1956 musical-turned-film, for my Musical Theatre class. I didn't particularly love the storyline - a bit too much blatant misogyny and domestic abuse for my taste - but that's a rant for another day! Regardless, the music was lovely and I've downloaded a couple of songs to listen to. If any of you are looking for new music, try If I Loved You or You'll Never Walk Alone, both from Carousel - they're wonderful!

In terms of books, I finished one that I really, truly hated (and that is really not something I say about many books!), which was a huge disappointment, since I had high hopes for it. :/ I just started a new one, though - Wonder, by R.J. Palacio - that a bunch of people have recommended to me, so crossing my fingers that it'll be a bit better!

Alright, that's all on my end for this weekend. :) How about you guys? Anything fun happen over the past two days? Are you struggling as much as I am to get used to Monday? (Please say yes, somebody. :P ) Let me know in the comments! xx

love, Topaz