Me Me Me Monday (12)

Hi guys! So there's good news and bad news. Good news: the FH cover reveal is IN TEN DAYS AND I'M REALLY REALLY EXCITED ABOUT THAT. (Ahem. You guys should totally sign up for it, by the way. The cover's awesome - just ask the people who've signed up already. HINT, HINT. ;) )

Bad news: remember how I said on Friday that I was planning on having a relaxing weekend? Well, my plans for that totally flew out the window. :P Saturday I spent getting all my homework done so that I could chill out and read and practise guitar and things on Sunday... but then on Sunday I woke up feeling terrible: vertigo, nausea, headaches, the whole shebang. My dad, who I love but who sometimes is slightly lacking in common sense, wanted me to come with him and my sister to take Hachii to a pet carnival thing that was happening near our house (basically, it was just a bunch of pet-related companies coming together and trying to sell their products), so then I had to go to that. As you can imagine, Singapore's heat did not do wonders for my already not-too-wonderful state, so when we got home I basically just crawled into bed and tried not to throw up.

Then, since I am apparently not the sharpest knife in the drawer, I didn't eat anything the whole day except for some cereal in the afternoon (my logic being that if I didn't eat, I obviously couldn't throw up), which, needless to say, is not the brightest idea I've ever had. :P I ended up feeling even worse... but hey, at least I managed not to vomit. Seriously, you guys have no idea the lengths I will go to avoid that!

So that was a fun (?) adventure, but I'm so glad that it went away quickly. Today's been much better - I do have two tests on Friday, but other than that it looks like this week won't be too rigorous in terms of schoolwork! Oh, and guess what? I actually went to bed at - drumroll, please! - 10:30 last night. Yep, you read that right: I GOT MORE THAN EIGHT HOURS OF SLEEP. Wow, I am SO proud of myself. :D

How was your weekend, lovelies? Hopefully nobody got sick - if so, trust me, I feel your pain. ;) Merry Monday, everyone!

love, Topazwe