Me Me Me Monday (13)

Hi guys! Heyyyy, it's the 13th Me Me Me Monday! (Sorry, 13 is my favourite number, and, well... to quote the brilliant Oscar Wilde, I can resist everything except temptation. ;) ) My birthday, and the Frozen Hearts cover reveal, are dawning ever closer... I'm not sure which will be weirder, being 15 or having the cover out into the world. o.O I finally got my relaxing weekend (you know, the one that was foiled last week by being sick!) - I had minimal homework due to my two tests on Friday, so it was lovely to laze around all weekend. :D

Also, possibly against my better judgement, I stayed up until five AM (yes, you read that right) on Saturday to finish a fanfic - I actually wasn't going to stay up that late, but I had a critique group meeting at 3 AM and I had to get up anyway, so I just thought I might as well get some work done in between! You guys will get a chance to read it tomorrow - it turned out quite well, I think, so look forward to that. :D

I'm very very excited because I have a four-day weekend and this school week is only three days long! The benefits of going to an international school: we celebrate many, many holidays, including Hari Raya, which is the reason we're being granted salvation on Thursday and Friday of this week. ;) So that's lovely - I won't have to go to school on my birthday!

Oh, and I found this absolutely HILARIOUS (in a so-bad-it's-good kind of way) article on what one woman did to the Harry Potter series after determining that it was against her religion and, therefore, had to be censored. Yes, it's just as ridiculous as it sounds - so please do read that for a bit of a laugh!

Alright, that's it on my end for this weekend. :) How are you guys doing? Is anyone else getting off school early this week? (ARE YOU AS EXCITED FOR THE COVER REVEAL AS I AM??????? YES. YES, YOU ARE.) Let's chat!

love, Topaz