Me Me Me Monday (15)

Thank you so much for your get well soon messages over the weekend, everyone! I'm feeling much better today, though I must apologise for not posting last week's Friday Poetry - I was lying in bed through most of Friday, and I'm afraid I didn't want to summon the energy to write a post. But no matter; I am back in action once more, and I can't wait to see what this week brings! To be honest, I didn't do much over the weekend. On Saturday we had an adoption drive for the animal shelter I volunteer at, so I went to help handle the animals. Some of them were adopted, which was wonderful - and we just got three new six week old puppies who were adorable, so they were the stars of the show! But other than that, I mostly lay around all weekend; it was quite relaxing!

It appears I've missed a very important occasion, however - last Thursday was National Poetry Day (though I'm not entirely sure for which country!). For a bit of a belated celebration, click here, where Interesting Literature has compiled some of my favourite poetry quotes from the best poets out there. Other posts I enjoyed this weekend include my dear friend Sarah's beautiful piece on things people don't say about graduation, as well as Daniel's two poems "If Only""Admonisher of Dreams". Definitely worth giving them a read!

How was your weekend, lovelies? Hopefully no one got ill - a few of my American friends are down with the flu, so it seems this isn't just in Singapore! Can't wait to chat with all of you. xx