Me Me Me Monday (22)

Hi everyone!

So how was your weekend? :D Mine was very, very exciting in that I NOW HAVE A NEW BABY COUSIN!!!! If you know me at all, you know that I love babies. (Like, a little too much - I may or may not have squealed really, really loudly when my mom told me that this one had been born. In my defence, this was ridiculously early in the morning and I was still half-asleep in bed, so. ;))

Her name is Sanjana, and - in my completely and totally unbiased opinion - she is absolutely gorgeous. Here she is:

Sanjana - 02a


Seriously, you guys, I can't even with red-faced babies. I showed my friend the photo and it's now been proclaimed that she's "literally a bunny rabbit". Which, you know, is quite an accurate description. Look at that face. :D

Besides that, I heard this awesome cover of Hallelujah over the weekend (it was, as you may or may not know, the inspiration for Rhaspodywhich is almost at 100 likes on AO3!!!!! AHHH!). Hallelujah is one of my favourite songs in the entire world and it totally blows my mind that this version was recorded in just one take. The talent, you guys. How is this even a thing.

And other than those two things, nothing much happened over my weekend! I mostly spent the time doing homework and cleaning out my inbox (so yes, I have finally replied to all my emails - I know some of you have been waiting for way too long on that front, so thank you so much for your patience!). We do have a break for Thanksgiving this week, so just one more day of school and then the rest of the week is off. Lots of fun posts and other things planned - I'm seeing Big Hero 6 with my sister,  going to an art exhibition with a friend, and getting lots and lots of writing & editing done. :D Can't wait!

love, Topaz