Me Me Me Monday (23)

Hey guys!

Okay, wow, my relaxing weekend just totally caved in on itself. The second I got back to school today I was bombarded with tests and homework and everything, so... yay, I guess? :P But the good news is I did have a lovely weekend while it lasted - I mostly just sat around and read books and worked on FH, which was great. Our final exams at school are starting in two weeks, though, so it looks like it's going to be a nonstop frenzy until then. Forgive me if I miss a post here and there - doing my best to try and keep up with everything! :)

Other awesome things that happened over the weekend: my Wordpress issues are finally (FINALLY!) fixed! As you might recall, we figured out that the problems were actually to do with the theme, not Wordpress itself, so I pretty much decided that it would take some ridiculously complicated coding that I didn't want to deal with in order to fix them. So the main things that were glitching - the Like and Sharing buttons - have been taken out altogether. I'm doing away with the Likes for an indefinite period of time, and searching for a replacement for the Sharing buttons. Will let you guys know if/when I find that!

Also: I found out that I got a Distinction on my Grade 5 ABRSM theory exam!! :D This is actually a pretty huge deal, since I didn't have much time at all to prepare - I was crossing my fingers for a Merit (or, at the very least, a Pass), and I'll be the first to admit that I was totally shocked at the Distinction. It's also the last theory exam I have to take - the rest are all piano practicals, which are monumentally more fun to prepare for - so it was lovely to end on a high note. (Get it? High... note? Okay, I'll stop now.)

And, last but not least, I was nominated for three blogging awards by Alyssa @ Insanity, Inc.! You guys might have seen her around this blog - she's such a wonderful writer and reader and person in general, and if you don't follow her blog already, you should totally go do that because it will make your life a lot better than it already is. ;)

Aaaand that was my weekend! I am so ridiculously behind with reading other blogs (ugh, why does this always happen to me?!), so I would love to hear about yours. Hopefully I'll actually be able to start reading your blogs again tomorrow, but until then - how did NaNoWriMo go for everyone? Anything exciting happen over the weekend? Let's chat in the comments!

love, Topaz