Me Me Me Monday (24)

Hey everyone,

May I just disclaim before I begin talking: I can already tell this is going to be a very long and difficult week for me.

As you guys know, it's the week before exams and the whole world, it seems, is frazzled. Honestly, I'm no exception, except I also have a book I'm trying to edit in between... well, you know, everything else. :P (I'm just thanking my stars that I'm not part of one of the sports teams. They're traveling this week, and it's possibly the least convenient time to be doing so.)

Not much editing got done over the weekend, since I had so much homework due and tests to study for - teachers need to fit in the last of their tests for the semester this week. Unfortunately, that also means that I'm kind of losing sleep over Frozen Hearts at this point. Will it be done in time? Will the quality be up to standard? Will I disappoint everybody who's been waiting for it?! AHHHHH. SO MANY WORRIES. o.o

(Yeah, as you can tell, I'm pretty stressed at the moment.)

Okay, but focusing on the good things that happened over the weekend: I was tagged in another thingie! (Shhh, "thingie" is totally a word.) This time it was by the lovely Daisy for the Christmas tag. Full disclosure: before now, I'd only read a couple of posts on her blog, so it was such a wonderful surprise to be nominated! As you guys know, I don't do tags, so I'm leaving it open to anybody who wants to jump in and participate. :)

Wish me luck - I have my Musical Theatre final exam tomorrow. It's possibly the funnest one (shhh, "funnest" is totally a word too), since the entirety of the exam is writing and performing a 15-minute, 3-song musical. My group has worked very, very hard on ours, and I'm excited for the performance!

Hope my fellow students aren't too stressed out about exams. Eat lots of apples and go to bed early, okay?

love, Topaz