Me Me Me Monday (25)

Hello friends! Ugh, I've missed so many posts lately, it's rather ridiculous. I got home late on Friday and then spent the whole night studying for exams, so alas, I did not have a chance to post Friday Poetry (which is sad, because I was looking forward to sharing it with you!). But it is indeed exam week, which means that after this week I can devote much more time to blogging. Can't wait for that! I spent the weekend studying, which means I didn't go out much except to the library, so that was... fun? I had my first World Studies exam today, and then tomorrow there's World Studies again as well as Chinese. Honestly, World Studies is pretty easy (I mean, it's history and English, which are my best subjects), but I am slightly worried about Chinese. Wish me luck on that!

Oh, but I did discover some AWESOME music over the weekend that I've pretty much been marathoning because he is incredible and his lyrics are beyond perfect. His stage name is Sleeping At Last (if that's not the coolest name ever, you're lying), and I think this is my favourite song so far:

It's called "Turning Page" and it is gorgeous.

And if you're looking for inspiration to begin your week, I so enjoyed reading this post from Ella @ Sick and Sick of It on the importance of kindness. She has such a wonderful viewpoint on life despite all of the hardships she goes through, and it's lovely to see.

I also did some writing over the weekend! A bit of Frozen Hearts editing, but mostly just fanfiction - a nice way to take a break from the stress of studying. I will be sharing that with you later in the week, along with a brand new photoshoot and tips on how to market, requested by Alyssa @ Insanity Inc.!

There is a busy week up ahead, both with exams and blogging. Just three more days of studying, though (we have Friday off!), and then... freedom. How was your weekend, friends? Are my fellow students doing all right with your exams? Is everyone ready for Christmas?!

Let us chat in the comments!