Me Me Me Monday (28)

Hey all!

I'm hanging onto the last shards of winter break - school starts next week, and I'm kind of frantically trying to finish everything I need to get done! All the same, I had a lovely weekend - I worked on Frozen Hearts and read lots of books, so that was a lot of fun. Also, a belated Christmas present from a friend came in the mail (she lives in the US, so it took forever to ship) - it was the book Creativity, Inc.which I've been meaning to buy for awhile. I can't wait to start reading it. :D

Also! My parents had a dinner party on Saturday, which was mercilessly awkward because I knew none of the people there. I managed to escape the first half of it by hiding in helping out around the kitchen, but for the second half my mom sniffed me out and I was forced to come and socialise. (Once I got over the paralysing embarrassment, it was all rather boring, really - blah blah stock market blah house prices blah blah...)

In slightly more interesting news, Sticks and Stones, the poem I shared last Friday, has been featured on Survivors Blog Here! I've talked about this blog before, but just in case you guys haven't checked it out yet, you should definitely do so. It's a community of people who have gone through some pretty terrible things and whose mission is to educate and motivate those who are still struggling. Please do go read the blog - these people are absolutely incredible, and they'll certainly provide your daily dose of inspiration. :D

There's also some bad news: I may or may not be sick. I was skipping meals throughout almost all of last week and I was ridiculously tired all the time, and then yesterday my hands started shaking pretty badly at dinner, so... conclusion, there might be something wrong. I'm writing this post in the morning, but this afternoon my dad is taking me to the doctor, so I'll let you guys know how that turns out!

So that was my weekend! Some great posts are scheduled for this week - look forward to my personal goals for 2015, thoughts on fanfiction, and a playlist for an old-fashioned love affair. I can't wait! :D

love, Topaz