Me Me Me Monday (29)

Hi everyone!

Oh gosh, I had planned for such a productive weekend - a couple of Frozen Hearts editing sprints, a trip to the mall to pick up art supplies and guitar picks, some work on Alyssa's new blog design, attending a critique group call, finishing up my feedback on Jen's manuscript - but then it all went down the drain.

I haven't talked about this much on Six Impossible Things, but sometimes I just have these days where I get intensely, paralysingly sad for no particular reason at all and then I can't go anywhere or do anything aside from sitting in my room and crying really hard. (These days tend to come along with my sporadic bursts of insomnia, which does not exactly help matters.)

So I went to the library on Saturday and then I came back and sat on my bed and it all fell apart, so... I didn't get much work done and I missed my call on Sunday morning as well. Probably a good thing, since I really wasn't in a good state to be around other people, but still, it was kind of disappointing.

So yeah, that sucked, but I pulled myself together this morning and I'm okay for now. (I say "for now" because my mental health is pretty fragile at the moment, but I'm hoping it holds out at least until the end of the week. It would probably suck even worse to randomly start crying in school.)

I don't actually have any posts planned for the next couple of days, since I usually do that stuff on the weekend, so I guess we're playing it by ear this week! I'll see you guys tomorrow - I hope your weekend was a bit better than mine. xx

love, Topaz