Me Me Me Monday (30)

Hey all!

Wow, this weekend had so many ups and downs - I'm kind of exhausted. :P Saturday was a lot of fun. I mostly lazed around the house and did homework during the day, but then in the evening I went out with three of my friends to grab dinner and see Cats, the musical, which is in Singapore at the moment. These were some of my more musically-inclined friends, and I hadn't seen them in awhile - it was lovely to be able to catch up and switch gears a little, especially since I've been focused on FH + surrounded by writerly people for quite awhile!

I don't know what happened on Sunday, though. I woke up feeling kind of bleh (which, for the record, is totally a legitimate adjective) and that feeling got worse and worse as the day went on. I didn't plunge into one of the really bad bouts of sadness, for which I am supremely thankful, but I did feel really... empty, I guess, which sucked. :/

But oh well, that's over now and it's a new week, so I am ready to take that on as it comes! I'm looking forward to sharing some great posts with you this week, especially since last week was mostly taken up by depression updates and stuff - we're getting back into the swing of things. :D Posts planned include a development at YA Asylum, as well as a brand new, year-long feature I'm going to be doing in 2015, which I'm SUPER excited for. Also: the second instalment Adventures in Zombieland, and, of course, Friday Poetry as usual.

I'm crossing my fingers it'll be a good, if busy, week and that the highs way outnumber the lows. ;) How was your weekend, you guys? Anything fun planned for this week? Let's chat in the comments. x

love, Topaz