Me Me Me Monday (31)

Hey everyone!

First up, an apology is in order: I am so very sorry for missing two posts last week. I wasn't in such a good place on Thursday and Friday, so I was kind of focused more on getting through the days than doing any blogging. :(

But in slightly better news, the weekend was not bad at all! Saturday was mostly spent doing homework, but on Sunday I went downtown and hung out at the Botanic Gardens. It's such a tourist trap, but in the eight years I've lived in Singapore I've only visited there twice, so I decided to just wander down and see what I've been missing.

Turns out it's a lovely, peaceful place - there weren't all that many people there since I went very early (around 7 AM - they open at 5!). Apparently I am a huge idiot, though, because I totally forgot to bring sunscreen... I was only able to stay for a couple of hours before I had to retreat to a nearby coffee shop. :P (It wasn't all bad, though, because three words: EARL. GREY. CHEESECAKE. Heaven, anyone?)

I was planning on spending the entire afternoon there, but I had a wonderful surprise - I ran into one of my friends! We haven't talked to each other for quite awhile, so we chatted for a bit and then I ended up going over to her place. We're both musicians and we love each other's music, but funnily enough, we never actually manage to get around to collaborating.

But we finally did it - we wrote some lyrics, recorded some music, but mostly just fooled around and had a lot of fun hanging out. We might be refining and recording one of the songs, maybe for my album or maybe just for kicks... but I will keep you guys updated on that one. Either way, it was such a lovely day and I had a wonderful time seeing her again. :D

So that was my weekend - some very bad days and one very good one, which I'm definitely thankful for. We missed Adventures in Zombieland last week, so there's another instalment of that coming this week. Also, I'm doing my first tag in AGES (I know, I know, usually I don't do them, but this one is too much fun and I couldn't resist). And finally, a post collaborating with friends around the blogosphere on the wonders of Roald Dahl. No Friday Poetry this week... but we'll get to that when it comes, yes? ;)

How was your weekend, lovelies? Let's chat in the comments! x

love, Topaz