Me Me Me Monday (32)

Hey everyone!

Well, I'm back, complete with a brand-new tan and a multitude of seashells! You guys, Cebu is absolutely GORGEOUS - I had such a wonderful time. We stayed in a beach house overlooking the ocean, and there were kids that came up to play with us before and after school. Apparently they liked me a lot, because I pretty much had a small mob of about 20 kids, from four to 16 years old, following me around 24/7. My friends called them my fan club. ;)

So that was absolutely incredible - I taught them some guitar chords (and, thankfully, my guitar came back to Singapore none the worse for the wear!), read them stories from my Kindle (since I have a book of Greek myths on there), played countless games of Duck Duck Goose (what is with these people and Duck Duck Goose?!), and helped them with English. They were so much fun in the classroom, as well - and it was comforting, having a few familiar faces in a sea of unfamiliar ones.

One little girl in particular absolutely stole my heart - she's one of those kids who acts older than her age, and she loves to read, and, get this, she wants to be a teacher when she grows up. In all honesty, she kind of reminded me of myself. :P Her name is Angel and she's in the 6th grade, and I am so proud and happy to say that I decided to sponsor her - that is, fund her through the rest of school, since she has five siblings and there's no guarantee that she'd be able to pay school fees otherwise.

I wish you guys could have seen the look on her face when I told her. It basically made my entire life.

Part of the reason why I was so exhausted when I got back, though, is because I woke up at 4 every morning just to watch the sun rise. Technically it only rose at 6, but I like the quiet before dawn, especially in such a beautiful place. It's a nice time to write songs or listen to the ocean or just... exist. So that was a good opportunity for me to recharge and be by myself after so much human interaction all day, every day!

I got back on Thursday evening, spent the entire night blabbering to my family about the above, and then collapsed into bed and woke up at noon the next day. Spent Friday catching up on emails (300 OF THEM KILL ME NOW). Saturday I marathoned the Lord of the Rings films with my boyfriend and stuffed my face with heart cookies (such a beautiful, romantic Valentine's day pursuit, no? ;)). And Sunday I watched rom-coms with my mom and my dog.

All in all: a good week. A very good week.

This one is promising to be quite good as well, especially since it's a three-day school week for us - Chinese New Year on Thursday + Friday! Posts lined up include a very special guest post from Briana, a new instalment of Adventures in Zombieland (because unfortunately, as lovely as last week was, it was slightly tainted by some not-so-good things as well), and a new mix for the lyric medley tag!

I'll see you tomorrow - it's wonderful to be back.

love, Topaz