Me Me Me Monday (33)

Hi lovelies!

Okay, so I lied. So sue me.

I did some thinking over the weekend and honestly, I was kind of disappointed that this whole fiasco was going to essentially make me run away from a place that I love hanging out in - and, more than that, for the sake of a person that I really don't like all that much. I mean, there are a lot of things going on in my life that I can't control right now, but this is something I very much can, and taking a break on account of somebody else's actions just felt... wrong.

So I talked to the person and she told me her reasons for reading the blog and... what could I do? I asked her to unsubscribe, watched her do so, and walked away.

There's nothing stopping her from reading it still, but at this point, I'm kind of done with the situation. There are some things that are worth time and worry and sadness and there are some things that are not, and I have a feeling this falls into the latter category.

Still, unless there's huge news, I'm going to forgo Adventures in Zombieland for this week - if only because I'm not quite ready to be totally transparent yet. It'll resume as usual next week!

Other things that happened over the weekend: I did copious amounts of homework, went to a Chinese New Year party, beat my little sister in 294856129304 games of Snakes and Ladders (stop looking at me like that! I play to win!), edited Frozen Hearts, and drank lots of tea. Saturday night was slightly sad, but it was nothing too terrible - and other than that, moods were pretty stable. :D

Posts this week include a publication announcement, my take on a bit of a controversial topic in the bookish world, some thoughts on the difference between loneliness and aloneness, and, of course, Friday Poetry. (Hopefully we'll actually get to it this week - we've missed it for like three weeks in a row!)

And that's about it! I'm really trying to put this out of my mind and move on - it's tough, but I guess at some point you just have to - *cue Frozen soundtrack* - let it gooooooo. ;)

I'll see you tomorrow, everybody!

love, Topaz