Me Me Me Monday (34)

Hi everyone!

I tried to take it easy this weekend, especially after the events of Thursday and Friday - on the plus side, no more panic attacks, but I was ridiculously jumpy and just sad in general all weekend. Our school had its annual County Fair (picture a carnival, but sprawled across a massive campus) - usually I love going to that and hanging out with my friends and fooling around and eating far too much cotton candy, but this time I only hung around for a couple of hours before heading back home.

(Full disclosure: pretty much the only reason I went was for the used book sale. I got 10 books for $22. May I just say: I drive a hard bargain when I want to. ;))

Other than that, I mostly did homework and watched various films and, once more, tried very hard not to think too hard/get freaked out at tiny noises. Not much work on FH, since I wasn't really able to concentrate all that much, but I'm hoping I can get more done this week.

And speaking of this week: it's looking to be a busy one! I'm attending a bunch of events - tomorrow, right after school, there's a screenwriting workshop with some people from the award-winning Mountain Film Festival, which I'm SO EXCITED for. Then in the evening I'm going to a panel on YA fiction and the controversy surrounding it. And on Friday, Sarah Kay and Phillip Kaye (ONLY TWO OF MY FAVOURITE POETS EVER OH MY GOD) are visiting my school, so I'm going to go watch them do slam poetry and generally try not to freak out and scare them too much. ;)

There are various therapist meetings sprinkled in there as well (three, to be exact) - things have progressed quite a bit on that front, so there'll definitely be an Adventures in Zombieland instalment just to update you guys. Other than that, I'm leaving this week's schedule free so that there's ample space to share with you my thoughts and reflections on the various things I'm attending. I'll be armed with my notebook for copious note-taking!

This weekend wasn't the best, but the week ahead is looking to be much, much better - I absolutely can't wait. :D Just out of curiosity, are any of my Singaporean friends attending the YA panel or the screenwriting workshop? (If so: we should totally meet up and flail together.) And international folks, how's life going for you? Let's catch up in the comments. x

love, Topaz