Me Me Me Monday (35)

Hi lovelies!

Oh goodness, I feel like I've apologised far too much on Six Impossible Things over the past couple of weeks, but here I go again: I'm so sorry for missing Friday Poetry last week. Life just seems to be pressing down on all sides - I'm finding it harder and harder to schedule time for blogging and writing poetry and, you know, being creative in general.

So please do forgive me if I'm not as constant with posting over the next few months. I suppose I just need to focus on getting better and figuring out my mental health before I can start blogging in full capacity again.

I do want to talk to you guys about Sarah Kay and Phil Kaye, though, because they were absolutely phenomenal. I got to see them perform twice (+ interview them, of course), and they're even better in real life than they are on video. As one might imagine, I suppose. ;) We so rarely get these kinds of performances in Singapore, so it was ridiculously cool to be able to see them.

And the interview itself was quite awesome in its own right. You'd think, being famous poets and all, they'd be a lot less down-to-earth, but they're so wonderful and approachable - I know I definitely gained a lot of insight into how they work and what inspires them. So I absolutely can't wait to see the transcription of the interview and start writing the article for our school newspaper - I'll be sure to give you guys the link (or at least post some excerpts) so you can read it later too!

Anyway. I'm kind of running out of laudatory adjectives here, so on the rest of the weekend: Saturday was a blur of therapists, mostly. It's exhausting to have to recount what feels like every single detail of the past two years over and over again, so it was, unsurprisingly, a pretty emotionally draining day. Two pieces of good news, though: firstly, we got the official diagnosis and medicine I need to take and everything written up in my health record; and secondly, I believe we finally narrowed it down to one therapist! We're finalising it this week, but I have to say, it's a pretty big relief to be making such big steps.

Sunday was a lot more relaxed. I went downtown and bought art supplies + notebooks + chocolate (what? It's always essential!), and then met up with some friends and went out for lunch + a movie. In the afternoon I hung out with my dog and caught up on commenting on new blogs, since I've been slacking off way too much with both of those things (and may I just say: the followception game SHOULD NOT BE THIS MUCH FUN).

Coming up this week: another publication announcement (eek!), a playlist on... something or the other (er, I haven't really decided on that bit yet - suggestions, anybody?), and an instalment of Adventures in Zombieland (my thoughts on finally having a written diagnosis + next steps).

How was your weekend, everyone? Let's catch up in the comments. x

love, Topaz