Me Me Me Monday (36)

Hey everyone!

I have the tendency to forget to share these things with you, so before anything else: I guest posted at the absolutely lovely blog Oh, the Books! over the weekend. You can check out my post right here - I talked about the relationship between readers and characters, and I quite like how it turned out! (PS: you guys get brownie points for guessing which character I was referring to in the last paragraph. Old readers of YA Asylum should find this easy. ;))

Apart from that, this weekend was rather uneventful - spring break is upon us next week, so all my teachers are piling on the homework, and, as a result, I spent much of the past two days in the house (and the rest of it at a friend's house, working on a project!). I have an abysmal amount of tests this week as well, so that should be... interesting. :P

Today kind of sucked, though, because I came this close to having a panic attack in PE class (which is basically the absolute worst place to be in that state of mind). I had to take the medicine my therapist had given me to calm down. It actually worked quite well, so that's very good, but still, I've been on edge this whole day. It doesn't really help that one of the side effects of the pill is tiredness - I have SO MUCH HOMEWORK and SO MANY TESTS and just. Ugh. I really want to curl up and sleep for like 24 hours. :(

So wish me luck staying awake long enough to get some amount of studying done tonight! I'll see you guys tomorrow - I do hope your day today was a bit better than mine. xx

love, Topaz