Me Me Me Monday (37)

Hi lovelies!

I am back from the absolutely gorgeous New Zealand! You know I was really, really looking forward to the trip, but I must say, it just completely blew all my expectations out of the water. So many wide open spaces - and mountains, glaciers, hot springs, geisers, oceans. I am a self-confessed non-photographer, but I couldn't help taking so many photos. 

And the cities. Oh, goodness. Sometimes I forget that I live in an urban metropolis - Singapore is, after all, an extremely new country, and as such, it feels almost too perfect at times. Stepping into cities that have weathered so many more struggles than we have - and come out alive and all the better because of it - was such a timely reminder of the tenacity of humanity.

Is it possible to be homesick for a home that's not yours?

In fact, I've actually been back in Singapore for the past week, but alas, things have been rough on the mental health side ever since I came home. I thought it would probably be more prudent to take a bit of a break before venturing online - if you're on Tumblr, you might have seen me there sporadically, but that's really about it.

I'm back now, though, and quite ready to be a bit more constant online. (Just a heads-up: I have attempted to reply to as many emails as possible, but I'm still woefully behind on that, so please forgive some delay.)

Here are some lovely things that have been happening, because a little positivity can never go amiss:

i. The April showers have arrived in full force. They're wonderfully relaxing + inspiring. ii. I'm making music, after an unintended break. Picking up a guitar again is the best feeling. iii. Hachii is much happier these days. I think he tends to get lonely when we are not around. iv. Even with all the rain lately, the sun still refuses to stop shining.

Have a beautiful week, everyone - I'll see you tomorrow!

love, Topaz