Me Me Me Monday (39)

Hi everyone!

I'm so sorry for missing Friday Poetry last week - I was actually quite excited to share a poem with you guys, but my mood just plummeted when I woke up in the morning (and with it, my motivation to do anything but collapse into bed once I came home from school). Oh well - I suppose you can always look forward to reading it this week instead!

Unfortunately, after a bleh Friday, the rest of the weekend continued in much the same fashion. I almost had a panic attack yesterday - the good news is I had my medicine on me so I was able to stop it before it happened, but still. Too close for comfort. (And on top of that, one of the people who was with me told me to "just get over it", which, as one might imagine, did not help my inclination to strangle him right then and there.)

It turns out I'm also physically sick - I'd been feeling dizzy and nauseous yesterday, and then today it was so bad I could barely get out of bed. Long story short: I've been instructed by the doctor to stay home tomorrow so I that can rest. It's rather demotivating, especially since I have a multitude of tests + homework to catch up on - but for now, all I can do is focus on getting better, I suppose.

Something that's definitely been helping, though, is marathoning lovely, happy songs! I'm currently listening to "Open Season" by High Highs on repeat - it has such a calming vibe, and the refrain of all in your mind / it is all in your mind is quite prudent right about now.

In readerly news: I finished Quiet and I am Malala over the weekend, both of which were incredibly eye-opening and inspiring (and by the way, should you not have read them yet, please drop everything now and go do so). I'm actually in the middle of books at the moment, but I'm really in the mood for something sweet and fluffy, so if anyone has suggestions, do drop them in the comments box - I'm stopping by the library on Wednesday, so I'm looking forward to reading ALL THE FLUFF. ;)

Some other nice things that happened over the weekend:

i. I saw Disney's Cinderella for the second time, and it was just as beautiful as the first time around. ii. An old friend reached out to me, so we got a chance to Skype and catch up with each other. iii. I discovered the scientific name for a llama - Lama glama - and subsequently proceeded to repeat it over and over for the next half hour, until my sister threw a pillow in my face. ;)

How was your weekend, everyone? Let's chat in the comments!

love, Topaz