Me Me Me Monday (41)

Hi everyone!

Back once more, after the technical blip that happened with Friday Poetry. Other than that, I must say my weekend was quite uneventful - I did go to the cinema to see The Avengers: Age of Ultron (140-character recap here, if you haven't seen it yet), but mostly I hung out at home and went to the library and drank coffee and caught up on homework. The usual.

I'm sorry for the slightly lacklustre post; today has not been the best of days on the mental health front, unfortunately. Last week was largely alright - perhaps not perfect, but then, when is it ever - but it looks like this week is getting off to a rough start. Just trying to fend off a lot of anxiety and unexplained sadness, which is... draining.

But I have nothing more interesting to say, so I'll turn it over to you instead: how was your weekend? A bit more exciting than mine, hopefully? Let's chat in the comments. x

love, Topaz