"Midnight Letters" Published in Glass Kite Anthology!

It has been a rough few days, as you lovelies know, and today was sadly no exception... but there is some good news to add some cheer to the week! I have had the absolutely wonderful privilege of seeing my name in another publication - this time, an anthology of gorgeous poetry, prose, and artwork. I am so proud to say that a poem I wrote entitled "Midnight Letters" is featured in the newest issue of Glass Kite Anthology. It is one of my personal favourites and was previously featured on the Survivors Blog Here website, so please do drop by and give it a look if you have the time - as well as, of course, the other pieces featured.

Without further ado: click here to settle down with your copy.

Glass Kite Anthology blew me away with its debut issue, and so when I saw that submissions were open for the second, I knew I had to submit. I am incredibly excited to be part of this venture, and I think you will love it just as much as I do. (Also, full disclosure: it contains a piece with a character whose last name is Winter, and I likely should not be as excited about that as I am. ;))

Please do enjoy, lovelies - I can't wait to hear what you think!