Monday Again...

Hey all! Did I ever mention how much I HATE Mondays? :P

Yes, I know - probably not the best way to start off a post. ;) But unfortunately, Monday is unfailingly here once more - and with it, the end of spring break, freedom, and (relative) relaxation. Ah well; I'm just glad I got in a lot of editing over the past week, because I can already tell I'm probably not going to have much time to do so in the coming days. As I've mentioned a couple of times, FH beta reader comments are due on April 13th... after that, the technical stuff - namely copy-editing and formatting - shall begin!

I received a packet from the Scholastic Art & Writing competition as well - apparently I, as a national medalist, was one of the top 1% in the country, so that was quite nice to hear. :) I have to do a bunch of things to prepare for the awards ceremony in NY in June; I'll probably be scrambling to complete all that as well, but it should be pretty fun. I just hope I'll be able to get everything done in between all my other stuff! :P

So, to end this with some inspiration from everybody's favourite kitty that should (hopefully) make your Monday a little brighter...

Listen to Garfield, guys. Garfield knows best. ;)

love, Topaz