New Design!

*re-emerges from a cloud of smoke*

Hi, lovelies! I've finally fought my way out of the mire of finals, and here I am once again!

My two most difficult exams - Algebra II Trig and Molecular Biology - were today, so that is a huge weight off my shoulders (literally and figuratively; you would not believe how heavy that MoBio textbook is). And I will hopefully be showing up far more frequently around the blogosphere now that all my waking hours are not spent bent over revision notes.

But more importantly: Six Impossible Things has a new look!

This design took me far longer to implement than the last one, I must admit. Possibly it's because I made so many little tweaks to it - but the result is something I'm ridiculously proud of, so I suppose I can't complain too much. ;)

Perhaps you've poked around made your own impressions, but in a word, the goal of this design was simplicity. And so we have a far less cluttered navigation bar, with all of the pages cut down to the core information. (I couldn't resist throwing some poetry into it, though. Would this truly be Six Impossible Things without?) The pages for writing and music have been condensed into a single one, and there is a new section for mental illness. I thought it would be prudent to add it in, considering how often I mention it in passing - I thought it might be a bit awkward to be a new reader with no idea what I'm talking about when I mention panic attacks and the like.

You'll notice some differences in the sidebar, too - for one, I've added a button so that you can follow me on Bloglovin' more easily than before. There's also a section for songs I'm listening to at the moment and my favourite blogs. (You have no idea how long it took me to cut down both of those lists. It's really rather embarrassing.)

Internally: very few changes, but most notably, Me Me Me Monday is now Snapshots! The main reason for the change of name is so that I have a little more flexibility with the feature - this way, I'll be able to scatter it throughout the week and Mondays will be freed up to do other posts, if needed. I've also edited a couple of categories and added a Travel section, as that seems to be a recurring theme in my life lately.

Finally: colour scheme + new photos! There is one in the sidebar and one in the About page, both taken by Tanvi of Somewhere Up a Tree. She is not only an unspeakably talented photographer, but also wonderfully patient with such a skittish subject as myself. It's all her fault that we got such lovely shots. ;)

It's certainly different from what we had before, but I quite like it. And the dragons approve, which is never a bad thing.

So: comments? Critiques? Criticisms?

I am trying to think of another C-word to end this, and utterly failing. Ah well, you know what I mean. Let loose in the comments section - I want to hear your thoughts on the new design! x

love, Topaz