New Wallpaper... Tomorrow!

Hey guys!

Bad news: I had another one of those random bouts of paralysing sadness last night. It's hardly ever happened on a school night, so I didn't really know how to deal with it, and that meant I basically ended up getting zero sleep. Also, it did not really help that I had two tests today - Algebra II Trig and Molecular Biology, my hardest classes. Gahhhh.

To put a long story short: I was pretty much just walking around like a zombie today. A sad, stressed, sleep-deprived zombie. (You know, I'd be more upset about that, but zombies are freaking awesome, so.)

So in order to make up for the absolutely crappy day, I came home and turned up the music and made a wallpaper! My coping skills are A+, no? ;)

I was going to share it with you today, but alas, my Photoshop totally just conked out on me and I lost three of the sizes (because I'm making it for multiple screen resolutions). D: I can probably get them back - and even if I can't, it should be easy to remake them - but I'm so exhausted at the moment, so I think I'll save that for tomorrow! Besides, it's probably my fault for never updating PS. I'm one of those people who keeps clicking "remind me tomorrow" and never actually gets around to it, haha ;)

Regardless, do look forward to that - it's a quote from one of my favourite books ever, Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell, and I'm so excited to share it with you guys!

Right, nothing much more to say for today! I'll see you all tomorrow. x

love, Topaz