No Motivation. At All.

Hey all. I was going to do a free-write today, but I'm not really feeling up to it. This week just has not been the best for me - I'm kind of lacking motivation to do anything, whether that's homework or writing or music practise. Not really sure why that is, to be honest. It could be because I'm still feeling under the weather or because I'm just really tired, but I don't know. The school day today seemed to drag on forever. 

We do have a three-day weekend coming up (Monday's off school) so hopefully I can just rest and kind of regain some energy by then. I don't really have much to share with you guys today, but I did write a short thing yesterday - it's part of a larger project (The Startling Fragility of Eternity, one of my WIPs). This passage is my favourite one so far:

"Every one of the molecules that weave together your flesh is a masterpiece. There is a beauty in your humanity that is immense and powerful and all-consuming. You are descended from warriors ... Do not ever believe you are anything less than the stardust that resides in the crannies of your bones."

Here's hoping your day's been a little better than mine, lovelies!

love, Topaz