Note to Self, for 2017:

be more like the heroes that 2016 stole from you. understand all of the ways your mind is fighting for you, even when things are hard. when in doubt, read about it. if still in doubt, write about it. go for very long walks. do the least harm possible. take photographs of everything beautiful. marvel at the sky, the sea, the mountains, the trees. recognise & confront your privilege. recognise & confront other people's privilege. wake slowly. stretch your limbs & your mind. stay loose. watch more snails. take more baths. count more stars. write more lovesongs. allow yourself to be sad without guilt. allow yourself to be happy without guilt. meditate. explore cities & wilderness. listen to the wisdom of the very old & the very young. say no often so that you can say yes to the most important things. be so good they cannot ignore you. accept both compliments & criticism gracefully. give more of yourself than you believe you possess. watch for patterns. remember that strength is not always a synonym for sharpness. gift yourself poems. gift other people poems. celebrate & savour the quiet. keep growing. believe that the future is bright.