Note to Self, for 2018:

be unapologetically tender. hold the ones you love close while you're still able. remember where you came from. be humble (you could be wrong). grow plants. water them. nourish them. breathe in time with them. omit needless things. work like hell. prove them wrong. do good & expect nothing in return. stay curious. dream of brighter places & greater things. remember that kindness is an act of bravery, just as hatred is an act of fear. feed the right wolf. linger. read more. stop romanticising the people who hurt you. be gentle with others. be gentle with yourself. take nothing for granted. let love grow. financially support independent & ethical businesses. hold your heroes to the highest of standards. do not go gentle. eat regularly. drink more water. sleep for eight hours a night. remember how hard your body is fighting for you, & return the favour. stop prioritising your work over your mental health. learn & accept your limitations. give yourself wholly to the people you love. have less "guilty pleasures" & more "pleasures that don't have to be guilty to be valid". know that this is what becoming looks like.




p.s. happy new year, my darlings. today i woke up at 6am to watch the sunrise & it felt something tender like dreaming or healing. here's to a year of warmth & light & beginnings in the places we least expect them. i love you all. p.s.s. note to self, for 2017 & 2017 reader survey & love letters for more