Notice Anything Different?

Hi all! Sooooo. Notice anything... different?

(Nope, it's not the hair.)

That's right - this site has been totally remodelled! :D I spent an hour and a half this evening tweaking the theme, fonts, colours, and making a snazzy-but-simple new header (which I've kind of fallen in love with. IT'S SO PRETTY AHHHHH). To be honest, I think my old theme was just getting a little tired - heck, I've had it since I started blogging, which was in July... oh, how the time flies. ;) I'll probably be keeping this one for a little while, since lately I've been really excited about black and white colour schemes  - the simple elegance of them is just so lovely. What do you guys think of it? And by the way, if there are any glitches/things I need to change, please do let me know - I'm still kind of zombied out (is that even a thing?) from yesterday, so I may have missed something!

Oh, and also I was featured in For the Bookish, a book blog by my great friend Emily! I was actually so insanely excited to be featured because a) I LOVE her blog, and b) I got some slightly bad news today so this really cheered me up. :D She said such sweet things about my blog and I'm so honoured - thank you so much, Emily! Click here to take a look at the post (plus, don't forget to follow her - she's just under my age AND SHE LIKES JANE AUSTEN, okay. I have found a kindred spirit. 'Nuff said).

Until tomorrow, everyone!

love, Topaz