O is for Oh God, Will This Ever End?!

Hi guys. I am so sick and tired of beta readers. I thought that I had acquired all their edits and this was over four days ago, but yay for me, one of the betas (who had only partially finished the manuscript) decided that he wasn't done yet and now I'm waiting. Again. And it sucks because it's not as if I don't value his comments - because I do - but to be perfectly honest, I don't value them as much as I value getting this operation running again. It's so frustrating, being stuck in one place and always waiting waiting waiting. But at the same time, this book is important to me and I'm kind of scared, because what if he points something out that would have made it way, way better and I don't get that comment and then it's not as good as it could have been... ?

So basically, at this point I have two options: wait some more (even though I don't know if he's even going to get the comments back, and if so, when that'll be), or just get on with editing without the comments. And at the moment I'm kind of leaning towards the latter. I'm seriously frustrated - this hasn't exactly been my favourite part of the process so far and I was looking forward to moving on from it. :/

So yeah. I'll let you guys know tomorrow what I decide to do, because I'm still kind of on the fence about it. As you know, we have tomorrow off for Easter so I had scheduled a writing weekend, but I'm postponing the beginning of that until tomorrow because I'm just feeling really restless and not very productive. Quite frankly, there's no way I'll be able to write or edit constructively at the moment. I really just need a bubble bath, sweatpants, and possibly dark chocolate.

love, Topaz