"Ocean Song" Published in Thistle Magazine!

Hi everyone!

Just a quick note before the main news: my dad spent the majority of this afternoon doing research on Vitamin B12 and is now totally convinced that it is - and I quote! - the answer to all my problems. Mainly it's because there have been quite a few studies on B12 deficiencies and their link to panic attacks + depression (among other things).

Personally, I'm not totally convinced - I'm about 90% sure the physical examination didn't reveal any vitamin deficiencies - but he's quite excited about it, and it's not like it could hurt, right? We're going to try supplements, which are supposed to have a pretty quick effect, so I'll let you know how that turns out next week.

More importantly, I have been published once more, this time in the lovely Thistle magazine! A poem I wrote, Ocean Song, is in their 10th issue. The theme for this issue was time - the passing of it, the keeping of it, and the depths and dimensions it encompasses - and I'm so proud and happy to be part of this endeavour.

Click here to pick up your issue!

I believe some of you have read Ocean Song before, but even if you have, it's worth buying an issue anyway, because hey, more support for my writing is always appreciated! And if you need an incentive, there are so many other incredible works in there - I must confess that when I received my copy, I spent far too long poring over the pages rather than doing my homework. It's perfect for a rainy afternoon and a mug of hot chocolate - or, really, for any other (*ahem*) time. ;)

love, Topaz