Off to Hong Kong!

Hi lovelies!

This week has been rather unproductive in terms of posting, and I apologise for that... it's seemed like a sad and sluggish fog has wrapped itself around me, and so I'm slightly lacking in motivation to do much at all.

However! Hopefully I can make up for it just slightly by saying that I am headed off to Hong Kong first thing tomorrow - I've won an award for high SAT scores! I took it in the eighth grade, and now there is an awards ceremony at Hong Kong University on Sunday. My family is making a mini-holiday out of it, which is quite lovely.

Fun fact for you: until this morning, I had no idea what exactly I had won the award for. I didn't want to offend my parents - who have been bouncing off the walls in excitement - by asking, but I also wasn't particularly interested in floating through the ceremony with only a vague idea of what was going on.

Do you see all these odd conundrums I somehow contort myself into?

I ended up sneaking in the dead of the night to my father's study, in which he keeps a two-week backlog of mail (my mother calls this a hoarding tendency; I call it a very useful habit) and hunting through it all until I found the announcement for the award. And now, thank goodness, I am a little less ignorant of my fate. ;) Sometimes I thank my stars that I'm a night owl - it makes it much easier to go on these midnight expeditions through our shadowed apartment.

So, as a result, I'll be gone from the blog tomorrow and Friday, and I will reappear once Monday pokes its head through the curtains. Have an absolutely wonderful rest of the week, everyone. Stay safe! x

love, Topaz