Off to London

I write this perilously close to midnight - today was rather a whirlwind of packing and trips to the store for cold medicine/travel toiletries/insert-other-mundane-yet-necessary-item-here. I'm afraid I have not had time to write Friday Poetry, though I had hoped to do so. (Horoscopes for February may be somewhat late, as you can tell. ;)) Instead I am filled to the brim with dreams of what is to come - theatres and gorgeous architecture, black cabs and biting winds. London is in a few short hours. I cannot wait.

I want to let you lovelies know that posting will be rather sparse on the blog over the next week - I may drop in once or twice to say hello and tease you with photographs, but mostly I will be out living and documenting it all in one of my many notebooks, ready to share the stories for when I return. (Side note: I will hopefully be more active on Twitter, but we shall see. I'm not 100% sure what the wifi situation will be at the hotel & such.)

There are many exciting things to come for when I get back - interviews! Publications! New Half Mystic updates! - but for now, it is only London, London, London.

The magic is coming. I am ready to fly out and find it.