One of Those Days...

Hey guys. Well, today's kind of been one of those days - the days when nothing seems to be going right and I've been seriously considering throwing my computer out the window. :P I wrote a couple of things - a poem, short story, and song - and I made quite a bit of progress with editing Frozen Hearts, but it's not really about the writing itself. It's more that I'm feeling slightly overwhelmed with everything.

I'm one of those people who seems to overthink every single little thing and since FH is actually a REALLY INSANELY BIG thing, I'm sure you can imagine how I'm feeling about it. See, the thing is, when I'm actually working on it - writing or editing, that is - everything just disappears for a little while and I'm okay. But lately, I feel like whenever I'm not working on it I'm obsessing over the tiny details, like whether that comma should really be there, or what colour Rose's eyes are, or whether the dialogue is unrealistic in that one part. It's kinda-sorta-maybe driving me insane. :P

So yeah, I had a lot of free time today, which basically translates into "a lot of time to worry about everything I'm doing wrong". I'm trying to stay calm about all this, of course, but it's slightly difficult. I don't even want to think about what's going to happen to my brain when I start focusing on Falling Star!

Ah, well. This, too, shall pass, yeah? ;) On a happier note, I kind of like the poem I wrote today, so I'll probably be editing and sharing that with you guys for tomorrow's Friday Poetry. Look out for Translations, coming tomorrow! xx

love, Topaz