Overcommitment Struggles

Hey guys!

Another busy day today. BookBlogWriMo and NaNoEdiMo are taking up so much of my life, seriously - I HAVE NO TIME TO BLOG ANYMORE. (Damn you, overcommitment!) I was going to do a post on how to improve one's writing, answering a question from the lovely Appletaile on last week's Friday poetry - but I don't think that's going to happen tonight, since I'm too tired to even think straight, let alone write about writing. :P Oh well, the good news is tomorrow's Friday poetry is written and ready to be posted and I've drafted a couple of BookBlogWriMo posts for next week, so hopefully I'll be able to write some more in-depth posts!

Aaaaand that's about it for today, folks. Look out for Friday Poetry - the title is When Spring Arrived, just to whet your tastebuds. ;) I'll see you tomorrow, everyone!

love, Topaz