Paper Wings: Chapter 5

Hey all! Well, everyone who's anyone (and everyone who's no one, pretty much) has been talking about it, so I may as well address it up front: the Super Bowl was today.

And although my sports-obsessed best friend may or may not kill me for saying this, I really don't see the whole point in all of this football (or is it baseball? Basketball? Cricket?)-watching. Quite frankly, I think it's ridiculously, mind-numblingly boring and that the commercials are basically the best part, although by a very thin margin. Also, was it only in my school that pretty much half the grade stayed at home ("but Mom, I can't go to school! I'm sick!" *loud, hacking coughing commences*) today? Not trying to imply anything, but wouldn't it be awfully convenient to just happen to come down with an alarmingly bad flu the day the Super Bowl airs?

But anyway! Thought I'd just get that rant out before I commenced with the whole point of this post: chapter 5 of Paper Wings. This was a very, very hard chapter to write - I literally sat there staring at the computer screen for half an hour on Friday before I finally got some ideas down. However, once I did start it kind of flowed, so as a result this chapter is pretty long compared to all the others. :) In chapter 5, we meet a new character - Rory Saunders, everybody! - and Tobias chooses Elle over the music... yet again. ;) Check it out right here, and don't forget let me know what you think of both the writing and the events of Super Bowl! (Seriously, guys, I actually do not know what sport it's about. Sad, I know, but if anybody would care to enlighten me... :P)

love, Topaz