Paper Wings: Chapter 7

Hey, everybody! Chapter 7 of Paper Wings is (finally!) up. :D In this chapter we learn more about Tobias's music competition and there's a bit of angst on Elle's end, unfortunately. (I must admit that I'm partial to writing very depressing things that have all my characters questioning the meaning of their existence, and then reconciling them just when it looks like the world's going to explode and everybody living happily ever after... do you think that's healthy? ;) )

Oh, and we get a taste of what Tobias actually writes! That is, a free song snippet on my end, because I couldn't exactly use somebody else's music, now could I? You're welcome, everybody. ;) Check out Chapter 7 right here!

Ugh, this week is dragging by. Seriously, Friday can't come quickly enough... but I am looking forward to writing tomorrow's Friday Poetry. So check in for that - I have an idea that I'm going to play around with and see where it takes me!

love, Topaz